Frequently Asked Questions

Our services can be booked by using the online booking service (select a service then fill the form, in few minutes you will be contacted by email or phone to get your quotation.Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or by email (see our help section).
Yes, we are available 7 days a week, and times can be arranged upon booking.
The vehicles used are Mercedes sprinter Luton vans. The box at the back of the van is relatively large.Length being 4.26m, the width being 2.19m, height being 2.22m, and the payload permitted per van is 1035kg.
Both services are available if specified.
On the day of the move, our team will not be doing any plumbing, electrical and drilling work. All works of that nature should be handled by a professional prior to the moving day.All electrical goods are to be disconnected and systems to be decommissioned by you prior to the move.
The level of supervision during the removals job is down to you. A foreman is allocated to supervise the professional packing and loading of your goods. Any special handling requirement should be discussed with the foreman prior to the job.
When booking a job you will pay a 50% of your booking as a deposit and the rest will be paid on the day of the job.
Booking dates are subject to availability. It is advised that you book your removals job as early as possible prior to the job to ensure availability.
We have insurance specific to the removals trade. We also hold public liability insurance, which means that damages caused by our negligence to public property is covered.
We provide Handyman work at rates specified in the link here. We have also used local ancillary services which we could recommend to you, however, we are not responsible for the service they provide.

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Have Questions? We are happy to help. Our team of Edinburgh city removals will be glad to answer any query you may have.