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One of our areas of expertise at ECR is effective, efficient office removals that won’t cause any major disruption in your daily flow of business.

We understand that office removal can be stressful. That’s why we make it a priority to ensure that your move is completed quickly, quietly and with minimum disruption to your working week. Our trained office movers are experienced with commercial removal and know exactly how important it is that your business removals happen without hampering your company’s productivity.


We have years of commercial moving experience and have learned that the key to a seamless office removal is in the planning. We create a moving strategy for each office move, planning each section of the move based on what will cause the least disruptions. By working with your company’s workflow in mind we are able to move your entire business without you losing valuable working time.


We understand what is involved in moving a business and the strain it can put on your team’s productivity, so we take measures to ensure the quickest and most efficient transport and setup of your new office space making the whole process as seamless as possible. Trust our expertise as our team help you through the move, from pre-planning to a post-move check in to make sure your business is operating better than ever!


Our office movers are trained professionals who have had plenty of experience in commercial removal. We conduct our move around your work and do the job with maximum efficiency – we even operate outside of working hours. Working with our commercial removalists gives your peace of mind and allows you to focus on your own business while knowing that your move is in safe hands. We are equipped to handle every aspect of your commercial removal, from packing supplies to office storage, and even unpacking services. That leaves you completely free to focus on your company while we conduct the move from start to finish.


No matter if you’re a small office or a large enterprise, leave it to us.


If you’re planning to relocate your office, you know the cost can put a dent in your budget. You want to seek affordable office removal company to help you with your move. The cost of moving often will depend on various things including the distance, the total volume of goods being moved, the time and day of the week required, and the overall scope of the job. For a free quotation, please contact us or fill in our initial form. 

Commercial Removal

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