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Packing materials for moving is a tiresome task and can create immense stress for the owner. We at Edinburgh City Removals use eco-friendly, state of the art packing materials to pack all of the valuables before the relocation process starts. We use custom-made packing materials to make sure that all your belongings stay protected during the process of transportation. As for example, glassware is packed with special double density cartons after a good wrapping in purpose-made papers. For furniture and other fragile items, we use exclusive bubble blanket and wooden crates to ensure optimal protection. With us, you will never have to worry about the safety of the goods. Let our professionals handle it.

ECR Shop

Choose packing materials you need for your removal

If you require packing materials for your removal, we can provide you quality packing materials please choose from below item and one of our staff member will contact you to discuss your order.


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Wardrobe Box

  • Large Strong wardrobe

Bubble wrap Rolls 10 metres

  • 300mm x 10m roll of small bubble

Bubble wrap Rolls 100m

  • 300mm x 100m roll of small bubble

Bubble wrap large roll - 500mm x 10 metres

  • 500mm x 10m roll of small bubble

Bubble wrap Kit 300mm x 10 x 2

  • Bubble wrap Kit 300mm x 10 x 2

Brown Packing Tape - 6 Rolls

  • Acrylic Noisy 48 x 66 Brown packing tape

Packing Paper x 100 sheets

  • 100 sheets of White Acid free tissue paper - 375mm x 500mm 18gsm

Shrink Wrap Roll - Large - Polythene

  • 1 x HI- PER Wrap 400MM x 300METS - Extended Core High Performance Pallet Wrap

Double and King Size Mattress Cover

  • Dust protector cover

Sofa Cover

  • Dust protector cover

Any Additional Requirement

Any Additional Requirement


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